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Feature Highlights

WebGalleryMagic is a highly integrated digital picture workflow tool, aimed at all digital photography fans who wish to create picture presentations and effortlessly archive their work.

Operating Style & EXPress Mode

Rather than using a wizard-style user interface, WGM lets you generate the WebGalleries, compressed images or Archives at any time and from anywhere in the program, using a "direct access" approach. The Main Bar on the left-hand side is always visible and allows you to access the main functions at any time. The adjacent ThumbBar shows image thumbnails for easy image selection and navigation. There are shortcut keys for each function: you can get everywhere with just one keystroke, streamlining the workflow.


In EXPress Mode , you only need to select the desired images and hit the "Make WebGallery" button in order to create your gallery. Optionally, you can enter a gallery title, add comments and select the Destination Directory or start a Slideshow from here. The 3 built-in Output Mode Presets allow for "one-touch" setting of all necessary options to automatically create one of the 3 outputs:

  • all files necessary to post your pictures as WebGalleries
  • file structures for archiving multiple picture sets including a top-level catalog
  • sets of JPG pictures compressed to your specification

If you are pressed for time, the EXPress mode is the only WGM screen you ever need to see.

WGM lets you automate important aspects of your picture processing workflow quickly and easily by using the Save/Load User Settings. To relieve you of repetitive tasks, WebGalleryMagic saves ALL settings you make. Everything you see, all settings and selections including the list of selected source files is stored automatically upon exit. Each time you restart WebGalleryMagic, you will be able to continue exactly where you left off when you last used the program. Moreover, WebGalleryMagic lets you store and retrieve as many different User Settings as you wish. It can also store the user settings together with your generated web gallery files so you can keep a copy of your settings stored together with your images on the Internet or on a CD-ROM.

On the other hand, there are many settings you can make using the Standard Mode , letting you to fully customize your galleries.

Image Sourcing and Processing  Top of Page

You can preview, select, losslessly transform (Rotate, Mirror, Transpose...) and order the images as desired using the Image Source Tab in Standard Mode.

You can select images from a single directory, multiple directories or even automatically recurse subdirectories.

Use the Comments Editor to add comments embedded into the image file.

Start a Manual or automated Slideshow  

Image & Thumbnail Settings  Top of Page

In the Image & Thumbnail Settings Tab you can make all size and quality settings for the main images and the thumbnails separately.

Preview the output image size and perform side-by-side quality comparison of the image at selected compression quality.

View the image's EXIF data here.

WebGallery Settings  Top of Page

In the WebGallery Settings Tab you can fully customize your WebGallery without any HTML knowledge. Further WebGallery templates can be downloaded from the Hi-Med Website.  Each template can also be modified with some HTML knowledge. Instructions on how to build your own WebGallery templates are in the Help file. 

Select one of the built-in templates and preview how it may appear in the large preview window.

Set all texts sizes, colors and fonts.

Define the output folder structure including a top-level catalog web page and many more options...

Site Manager  Top of Page


Once the web gallery is created, the built-in Site Manager can be used to effortlessly synchronize the files on your web server. 

Unique in this price class, a Site Manager is a tool that takes a local source folder with all its files, e.g. a collection of WebGallery files and synchronizes it with a given FTP site directory, making the task of updating your website server files quick and hassle-free.

Use drag-and-drop techniques to upload, download and manage individual files manually.

Set up as many FTP Profiles as you need, to quickly connect to different sections of your web server.


Why Buy WebGalleryMagic?Top of Page

WebGalleryMagic, the highly integrated digital picture workflow tool, will assist you with the management of your pictures from the selection up to posting them on the Internet.

The downloadable version of WebGalleryMagic is fully functional. When you first install WGM, it will run in evaluation mode indefinitely and all output images will exhibit a WebGalleryMagic watermark, similar to this one:

Many man-months of software development and testing went into the WGM package to implement the rich feature-set and to ensure its proper functioning. That is why we ask for a modest compensation in order for the watermark to be removed from the output files when you create your galleries and archives.

When you buy WGM, you will receive a Registration Key per e-mail. Once the Registration Key and some other information is entered, your copy of WGM will be registered and the watermarking protection will cease. Please click here to buy WebGalleryMagic now .

Here some of the WGM's unique features:

General Features

  • The only package that integrates so many useful functions in a comprehensive yet easy to use User Interface
  • Very fast operation compared to similar programs
  • 3 handy presets : WebGallery Mode, Archive Mode, Compress Images Mode
  • Side-by-side comparison of original versus compressed image quality
  • Comments Editor with comments embedded into the image file
  • Manual or automated Slideshow
  • Lossless Image Transforms : Rotate, Mirror, Transpose...

Web Features

  • Integrated Site Manager for automatic website sync or manual upload/download
  • Recursive folder structure uploads/downloads for multiple file/folder FTP transfer
  • Indication of required space in KB after the WebGallery files are created
  • A selection of handy, customizable WebGallery templates included
  • Users can download further WebGallery templates from the Hi-Med Website
  • Instructions on how to build your own WebGallery templates
  • Automatic generation of a top-level catalog page in both WebGallery and Archive modes

User Interface Features

  • Easy to use EXPress Mode to generate multiple WebGallery sets with minimum keystrokes and minimum time investment
  • ThumbBar: an unobtrusive but very useful thumbnail browser 
  • Stores ALL user settings automatically upon exit
  • Allows unlimited User Settings to be stored and retrieved
  • Images can be loaded from a single directory, multiple directories or even from automatically recursed subdirectories
  • Graphic Preview of the selected WebGallery template

View Animated DemoTop of Page

View a 5 minute demonstration of the main operating aspects of WebGalleryMagic. Please note that it may take several seconds for the demo to start if you are on a slow Internet connection.

WebGalleryMagic Pricing Top of Page

WebGalleryMagic is now available at the $29 Introductory Price . Please go to the Ordering page  for details on the purchasing process.

Sample WebGalleries Top of Page

WebGalleryMagic lets you create a great variation of WebGalleries. Many WebGallery templates are included in the package and you can download more or create your own, customized templates. Here a few WebGallery samples generated using the built-in templates.

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