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Installation issues regarding Firewalls
Downloading the installation EXE if you are behind a firewall may cause the file to become garbled. Some firewalls will block any EXE file from downloading, and some will simply change it and render it useless. If you are unable to install the downloaded EXE file, please try downloading this ZIP file and unpacking it into any directory. This will unpack the original EXE file and you should be able to install it.
Issues with the Installation of Visual Basic components 
Programs written in Visual Basic require certain components to be present on your system for proper operation. In order to keep the download size compact, we have not included any of these components in the above release package. Many of you (typically W2K and XP users) may have the components already installed on your systems and do not need to download them at all. Please consult the latest installation notes here:

When to Download and How to Install Visual Basic Controls? 

This information is also included in your WGM package and can be viewed from the "Programs/WebGalleryMagic/View Visual Basic Controls ReadMe" menu. After you have installed WebGalleryMagic on your system, please run it to establish the need for further downloads. Depending on your Operating System and its version, you may need to download the „VB Controls and Runtime files Installation" package which contains several Visual Basic Controls, a Scripting Library and the VBRun60 Runtime files.

Download and install the VB Controls WebGalleryMagic uses:
Download the VB Controls for WebGalleryMagic    VB Controls, Scripting Library and Runtime files Installation package (2.2MB)

Please report any download problems to me at the above e-mail address.

The installation program will register the components in the Windows system. If you deinstall, the deinstaller will deregister and delete the components except the shared DLLs and OCXses. This download may also be necessary if you have Used VB applications before but some components are missing or outdated.

Note on VBRun60
We have included the newest VBRun60SP5.Exe package from Microsoft in the above „VB Controls and Runtime files" installation package. You can get more information about these files at;EN-US;Q290887&.

Note on the SCRRUN.DLL Scripting Library
You can get more information about this library at Type "scrrun.dll" in the File Name box to start the search.

General Recommendation for Older Operating Systems
It is generally recommended to check for Windows updates at frequently. These updates make your system generally more stable, keep the components updated and also take care of some inconsistencies with regard to running VB programs.


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